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The ideal Digital Marketing professional for your company: what to do and how to choose

Digital Marketing

Find out what the profile of the Digital Marketing professional is for your company and start betting on the right people

What is the profile of the ideal Digital Marketing professional? What activities should he perform?

With the increasing relevance of this sector within companies, many ask us these questions.

These doubts arise in companies of all sizes, after all, Digital Marketing covers several fronts. If this is also a question of yours, check out the tips I bring in this post.

What are the activities of a Digital Marketing professional

Content production (blog and rich content)

As Blue World City always say here on the blog, content is the basis for efficient actions in Digital Marketing. He is responsible for making your company authority on the topic, attracting Leads and generating sales.

To do this, your new employee needs to:

  • Like and know how to write well;
  • Know your area of ​​expertise (or be willing to learn about it);
  • Be creative to think of content that will satisfy the audience and position your company as an authority on the topic;
  • Have rhythm for constant content production;
  • Preferably be familiar with publishing platforms ( WordPress, Blogspot, etc).

Social Media Management

Many companies have profiles and pages on social networks to attract the public, interact with their potential customers and sell their products. If your company is already or wants to enter these media, you need a person who:

  • Get to know the main media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin) and how they work;
  • Responsibly manage your social media accounts;
  • Be constantly updated on changes in the channels your company uses and the emergence of new media to identify opportunities;
  • Think and create content that attracts people to the channel, direct these people to your website (conversions) and generate audience engagement;
  • Learn to analyze the metrics of these channels to identify areas for improvement and optimize results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For people to find your site on Google, you need to be in the top positions and this usually requires a series of tactics and adjustments.

To ensure this, look for someone who:

  • Know at least a little HTML and search engine optimization techniques ( on-page and off-page);
  • Know how to align other company efforts (such as content, press relations and biz dev) in favor of SEO strategies;
  • Be willing to study, take courses and reinvent yourself (the SEO world is constantly changing).

Sponsored Links (Paid Traffic)

Another way to attract visitors to your website is through paid advertisements, which are most useful in the short term.

To perform actions on Sponsored Links, the candidate must:

  • Know how to create campaigns on Google AdwordsFacebook Ads or other platforms that make sense for your company;
  • Perform constant analysis (CTR, CPC, ads) and maintain campaigns;
  • Ability to analyze results and propose improvements to optimize campaigns.

E-mail marketing

One of the most effective channels for Digital Marketing actions is Email Marketing.

It’s important to have someone on the team who:

  • Know how to create Email Marketing campaigns;
  • Know how to write well and be creative to prepare emails with attractive titles and content that lead users to open them and consume the content;
  • Be able to analyze the results and propose improvements for the following campaigns;

Product Marketing

Deeply understanding who your customers are and what their needs are is essential to ensure their satisfaction and the success of your product or service.

In this case, it is necessary:

  • Analyze customer profiles and understand how the product/service can best serve them;
  • Analyze how customers use your product/service;
  • Analyze data, spreadsheets, conduct surveys and interviews;
  • Be responsible for communicating with future and current customers, in order to keep them informed and satisfied – and make new purchases.

Results analysis

It’s no use having all of the previous activities in place if it’s not possible to know what’s bringing results and what needs to be improved.

To meet this demand, it is necessary to:

  • Have the refined analytical capacity to evaluate metrics of other Digital Marketing actions;
  • Knowing how to identify problems and think of actions to correct them and improve results;
  • Knowledge in Google Analytics, RD Station Marketing and other metrics analysis tools.

Choosing the ideal profile for your company

There are several activities, isn’t it?

But calm down!

Unless you’re Batman, you don’t need to look for Superman or Wonder Woman to make up your team.

The ideal professional profile will depend on your company’s needs (which of the above activities need to be performed), as well as the budget available for hire.

We know that it is difficult for a person to know in-depth all these activities, but even if in a more superficial way, it is necessary to attack all fronts.

Although the knowledge is not advanced, doing the basics in each area should be enough to generate the first results, especially if your company also has a specialized consultancy.

In this case, a candidate who dominates a greater number of roles may be a good option. In the next step, with a larger budget, it is possible to hire specialized professionals for each function.

technical knowledge is not everything

More important than mastering all the techniques, there is one point that is different for the ideal professional: willingness and ability to learn.

If the person already has some knowledge in the area and is interested in learning more and developing himself, this is the opportunity to teach him and train the employee his company needs.

You can find several Digital Marketing courses and their specialities (some for free).

This, in fact, was one of the reasons for my own hiring here at Resultados Digitais: during my interview, in addition to exposing what I knew about the above activities, I said that there were points to be developed and emphasized that I was very willing to learn. And I got the job!