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Real estate in Playa del Carmen, why invest?

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan and bohemian city located in the heart of the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo. The coasts of the Caribbean Sea that bathe this part of the Yucatan Peninsula make the state an important point of tourist interest.

Thanks to the economic development of the Riviera Maya in recent years as a world-class tourist destination, Playa del Carmen has positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing cities in the Mexican southeast.

In addition to the tourism sector —which is one of the main pillars of the Quintana Roo economy— the real estate sector has gained special relevance, promoting investment in real estate in this state, mainly in Blue World City

In this article we will talk about the reasons why investing in Playa del Carmen is a profitable option that will make your capital grow.

Why invest in real estate in Playa del Carmen?

Quintana Roo has more to offer in addition to the tourism sector in terms of investment. At the end of 2020 – despite the pandemic – it was announced that the state will receive an investment of 1,100 million pesos for real estate projects .

These projects include the first condominium development focused on the LGBT sector in Tulum, the Epic Center in Cancun, which consists of a mixed development of 104 luxury condominium units and 56 commercial premises.

Another ambitious project is the beginning of the construction of the first stage of the central supply of Playa del Carmen. For this project, an investment of 250 million pesos is estimated for the construction of 38 warehouses and 100 commercial premises during 2021.

This project will include 160 warehouses, a bank area, a commercial and restaurant area, a gas station, an auction area, a scale, and even a hotel with 180 rooms.

The land for this project has 200 thousand square meters, making it the largest supply center in Quintana Roo.

Another ambitious project is the Mayan Train, whose route includes 5 states of the country and includes 15 tourist destinations in the Mexican southeast, among which is Playa del Carmen.

This project will promote the growth of businesses of various kinds, including real estate. It will promote the regional economy as well as the development of infrastructure with basic services to improve the quality of life and employment in the areas it comprises.

Many more visionary projects like the ones we have mentioned will be carried out in other municipalities and cities of Quintana Roo, such as Solitarian, Akmal and Chetumal.

The economic outlook of Quintana Roo is encouraging since an income of 2 billion dollars in foreign investment is estimated between 2019 and 2021, from which one of the cities that has benefited the most is Playa del Carmen.

Reasons to Invest in Playa del Carmen

The accelerated growth of the city is a clear example of the investment potential that exists in it, since a few years ago, Playa del Carmen only appeared as a small town on the way to Cancun.

However, at present, it is positioned as one of the cities with the largest economic spillover in the country, especially in the real estate sector.

Mexico has 10 of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the world.

Just in the last 5 years, there has been a 35% increase in real estate prices in the Riviera Maya, offering a profitable investment opportunity in cities like Playa del Carmen.

Next, we will talk about the main reasons that make Playa del Carmen an ideal destination for investments.

1. Location

Playa del Carmen is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo. This city is known for being in the heart of the Riviera Maya, a world-class tourist destination.

Its proximity to the Cancun International Airport – just one hour away – offers the advantage of being a point of connection with the main cities of the world. Another advantage of its location is that it places it right in front of the paradise island of Cozumel.

This coastal city has communication routes that connect with the rest of the state, allowing a constant flow of vehicles. The speed and safety of these roads also connect it with the rest of the country.

2. Tourism

Its location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea endows this beach city with turquoise blue waters and white sand, very attractive for tourism.

Playa del Carmen receives millions of national and foreign tourists who seek to enjoy the pleasant tropical climate, the beautiful beaches, as well as the great variety of ecotourism activities that can be carried out.

It is a bohemian and cosmopolitan city that stands out for its beach clubs, restaurants, bars, its nightlife and —of course— for its famous 5th Avenue, which has become one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

3. Growth potential

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) announced that Quintana Roo is positioned as the second state nationwide in the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Unlike the rest of Mexico, which grew by 2.1% in Quintana Roo, the GDP was 5.1%. This figure was achieved thanks to foreign and national direct investment, of which the approximate US $ 6.5 billion is estimated in the last 3 years.

Tourist flow is a key indicator for those interested in Playa del Carmen. If there is anything that surprises residents and investors alike, it is the rapid growth that the city has had within a few years.

This indicator is very important – especially – for those who use this as a basis for property management, that is, the sale of real estate or vacation rentals.

The growth of Playa del Carmen represents a great variety of alternatives to invest, and what better way to do it than in the real estate sector, which is booming and aims to continue growing, thanks to the improvements that are being implemented in the city both in terms of roads. as infrastructure.

4. Relationship between capital gain and price

Playa del Carmen is considered one of the best cities for real estate investment. A house for sale in the center of Playa del Carmen, as well as in the areas near Fifth Avenue represents a unique opportunity to invest in a profitable business.

Despite being a tourist city with high demand, it is possible to find properties at a good price – especially – for pre-sale, which allows obtaining a higher profit margin. In addition, compared to the price of the properties, the capital gain they achieve exceeds the expectations of many investors.

In short, investing in real estate in Playa del Carmen is an operation that provides short-term profits if you decide to rent.

5. Quality of life

Playa del Carmen is a city where many lifestyles converge because it is a place that adapts to the needs of those who visit and inhabit it.

Being a culturally diverse city, it provides job opportunities in both the tourism and industrial sectors, with competitive salaries and options to develop a professional career that meets the demand for qualified labor.

Its warm climate and vibrant environment allow the development of a large number of activities, which are enough to entertain visitors and tenants and thus make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Benefits of buying land in Playa del Carmen

Without being enough what we have mentioned so far, we will talk to you specifically about the benefits that are obtained when investing in the real estate sector in this City.

1. High return on investment (ROI)

Well-used and well-cared for properties near tourist areas will always increase in value, and as a consequence of this, the Return on Investment that you will obtain in the medium and long term will be high.

Its strategic location offers easy access to everything that the Riviera Maya has to offer, as a result of this the interest in acquiring a property in this city is that the real estate market continues its development, offering ever greater returns.

Specialists from the AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) have established that the return on investment in the most popular areas of the city can reach 8% to 13% annually.

2. Gains derived from tourism demand

The entrepreneurial opportunities in Playa del Carmen as a result of the tourist demand, allow the creation of new businesses destined to satisfy the needs of both visitors and tourists.

There are many real estate companies focused on small and large-scale housing, from developments such as apartments on the beach, luxury residences, studio houses, to hotels and hostels, among others.

The commercial sector has benefited from the opening of convenience stores, souvenirs or tourist and cultural attractions, as well as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theatres and more.

However, in addition to finding apartments for sale in Playa del Carmen, it is still possible to find well-located land with the advantage of being urbanized, as is the case with Parque Bazar.

3. Excellent investment option for retirement

As we mentioned in our article investment lots: the best option for retirement, the land is one of the safest options to invest and prepare for your retirement years.

Acquiring land with a good location, accessibility and development potential will provide you with security, as well as protect and grow your assets.

Many foreigners who visit the city fall in love with it, so they decide to settle and make it their permanent home or as a possibility to spend their retirement.

This is a great advantage for real estate companies that manage apartments, residences in Playa del Carmen, as well as for commercial premises or investment land.

4. Possibility of expanding your business

If you already have a business in Mexico, Playa del Carmen is an excellent option to expand. Many of the large companies have a headquarters or branch in this city.

In the Mexican southeast, the square meter of land is cheaper, so it adds an additional benefit to those already mentioned.

In general, in the southeast of the country, you can find qualified labour, so when expanding your business, it will not be necessary to bring in personnel from outside, saving costs, and supporting the local economy.

5. Protect your capital from inflation

As is known, over time inflation levels in the country fluctuate, affecting some industries and benefiting others.

The net capital that you have at this time will be worthless — surely — in a few years if a correct investment is not made, which in addition to being profitable protects it from inflation.

The real estate investments provide you high levels of profitability and even profit from inflation, as is the case in southern the country. It is estimated that during 2021 inflation will be around 3%, which will allow property prices to increase and obtain a higher yield.

Land, the best investment in Playa del Carmen

As we have seen, real estate investment in Playa del Carmen has maintained a constant level of growth, even during 2020, the year that affected the world economy derived from the Covid 19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

With this as a precedent, it is clear that real estate is a reliable option to protect your money and make it grow even in times of crisis. However, not all properties are endowed with the same growth capacity.

At BMF Inversions we have 25 years of success in real estate projects, backed by market studies, which protect your money and ensure a reliable investment for your industry or business.

We have professional and personalized advice, contact us to find out about investment opportunities in the Mexican southeast. It is always a good time to invest in land, start building your equity today.