Live on Instagram: how-to, tips, benefits and more!


The social network opens up the possibility of using Instagram Stories to create live broadcasts, such as interviews and webinars

In times of coronavirus, social networks gained – albeit for a short period of time – a mysterious aura, something like “now, how to behave in the media?”. “What is possibly funny and what would sound disastrous?”

We still don’t have insight straight or 100% sure answers to these questions, however, one thing is certain: Live on Instagram Stories has been a unanimous choice among the most diverse groups.

Brands,  influencers, celebrities, institutes – and the list goes on… – are making use of live and transparent contact with the public, seeking to understand what they expect, in what format, in what way. And all this requiring only a cell phone with a reasonable camera and good internet!

In other words, business-person communication in this new pandemic scenario has been built bilaterally, through active listening and “eye to eye”, albeit at a distance. Together we are trying to understand how best to proceed, helping each other.

Are you interested and would also like to communicate with your Leads, customers and the general public in this most sensitive moment? So read on, Blue World City will show you step by step how to make a Live on Instagram, its benefits, tips and more.

Before, what is Instagram Live or Instagram Live function?

The violet circle and the “live” notice signal Lives on Instagram.

Live, or Instagram Live is a feature within Instagram Stories for people to create their own live streams.

Created in 2016, in 2017 the tool received an update that makes it possible to even invite friends and viewers to participate in the video in hangout format. Whoever starts Live can remove the guest and add someone else in place at any time or even leave the broadcast.

When the video ends, you can share it in Stories or discard it. In the first case, it disappears after 24 hours. In the second, disappear immediately. It is also possible to post it on Facebook.

Sample Live on Instagram between two friends.

What makes Live on Instagram Stories interesting for businesses?

This tool opens up the possibility of using Stories for several other purposes – such as interviews and webinars – in addition to allowing you to make a private call with a professional contact if you have only shared the transmission with him.

Other options for using Lives on Instagram are:

  • A relaxed chat between your company’s Social Media team (or another sector) and the public;
  • Tutorials;
  • Reach an audience on the social network that, unlike Snapchat, is not restricted to a young audience. It’s a way to make them watch your content without leaving the same app where you already share other content, without having to go to YouTube, for example;
  • Show behind the scenes of your business;
  • New product and solution launches.

Be in the company, the work home office, on a trip or event (when the quarantine end!), The Lives are a very handy feature, easy to use and it also has the speed of a click!

Still not convinced? Here are the main benefits of using Lives to communicate with your audience.

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3 Advantages of Instagram Live Streams

Let’s start with the fact that Instagram currently has over a billion active users across the globe. Add this to the fact that 80% of people said they would rather watch a brand’s Live than read its blog and presto, we can already see a sea of ​​benefits!

1. Increased brand visibility and engagement

Remember the screenshot we showed above, with all the Lives that were rolling flagged before the stories of the rest of the people?

Yeah, when a live stream is taking place Instagram highlights the event, placing it first in the app’s top bar, right after its own Stories.

Furthermore, as Lives allow for comments and interactions from the audience – and if this behavior is encouraged – audience engagement actually reaches higher levels. Once your audience notices that you are really ready to talk, various comments, questions and suggestions start popping up on the screen. And you, of course, will be there, ready to absorb these opportunities in the best way, delighting these people.

2. Accelerated Lead Generation

In addition to putting Lives first on the Stories list, Instagram also notifies its followers when you start a live stream  – at least the overwhelming majority of the time.

The ephemeral nature of Lives, on the other hand, provokes in people the most different types of sensations: curiosity, the desire to click and see what is happening, how many people are participating and also  the Fomo  – in English Fear Of Missing Out  -, and in free translation, the “fear of losing something.”

People have the need to be part of the “whole” – even more so on social media – to be tuned in and aware of everything. So, this explains why many of them choose Lives on Instagram.

With all of that in mind, you can use this moment to create Calls-to-Action  :

  • Sharing links  to other materials from your brand that are pertinent to Live’s theme;
  • Inviting you to subscribe to your newsletter ;
  • Publicizing a Landing Page for contact and other questions, among others.

If your content really has the quality and the intention behind it is good and sincere,  the audience won’t even mind providing their data in exchange for information that is, in this case, valuable and useful.

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