Land in Playa del Carmen: diversify your investments

Playa del Carmen

Known as “the jewel” of the Mexican Caribbean, Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan city with a continuously growing infrastructure; positioned for several years as a favorite to explore new business opportunities that generate attractive returns.

Although Playa del Carmen is a destination where the tourist boom was the turning point for it to become one of the most prosperous cities in Mexico, the investments made in various sectors have also been key to its economic and population growth.

Only the demographic growth of Solitarian —the municipality of which Playa del Carmen is the head— represents a rate of 20% per year in the country, which is reflected at the local level in the economic activity with a greater demand for infrastructure and services.

In this article we will tell you more about the investment opportunities in Playa del Carmen, and why buying land in this city is the best option to diversify your capital.

Why should we diversify investments?

Before talking about how, we must mention what is the importance of diversifying our capital in different assets, as mentioned in a popular saying “you should not put all your eggs in the same basket”, which is taken as one of the bases of diversification of investments.

One of the main reasons to diversify is that the risk factors increase by having all our capital invested in a single operation, which – in case of failure – can make us lose all our money.

To prevent this from happening, the idea is to distribute the capital in different assets or financial instruments. There are different types of investment that you can make according to your age, however real estate is suitable for any time of life and the safest investment.

How to diversify your investments in Playa del Carmen?

The best way to do this is to invest in land, and not just any kind. The commercial land in this area have shown to produce higher yields, unlike residential land.

As we have mentioned in other articles such as: real estate in Playa del Carmen, why invest? the real estate market in this city has positioned itself as one of the strongest and attracts the gaze of large investors, national and foreign.

Thanks to the fact that in Mexico it is possible for foreigners to buy properties, many of them have invested in various real estate assets, be it a residential lot facing the sea, a commercial space on 5th Avenue, a business plot with an excellent location in the centre. from Playa del Carmen or in important expanding subdivisions.

The business opportunities are vast, if you have the necessary resources, you can acquire a large lot in which to build a golf course or a beach club, since the square meter of land is cheaper in the southeast than in the rest of the world. country.

The big investors buy several commercial lands to diversify your money, plus get high-income surplus increased over the years, they get additional profits by putting the land on lease or developing any business project.

Industries with potential to invest in Playa del Carmen

The increase in foreign investment in the Yucatan Peninsula, especially in the cities that comprise the Riviera Maya, has generated a large number of new jobs, boosting the Quintana Roo economy.

The timber and manufacturing industries are obtaining high returns and contributing greatly to the state GDP; however, the main pillars of the state economy are focused on the construction industry, local commerce and tourism.

Next, we will talk about them in detail and why they are good options to invest like Blue World City.

Construction Industry

The rapid demographic increase and tourist development in the region has resulted in a greater demand for housing spaces, services, entertainment, accommodation, roads, among others; promoting the construction industry to become the second most important after tourism.

Proof of this are the projects that will be carried out over the next few years, such as the industrial park that has been designed in order to promote the development of the region; and the interest of the business sector to build hospitals, ecotourism parks and even a supply center which began construction in early 2021.

Other factors that have influenced the boom in this industry are the actions implemented to expedite the delivery of construction licenses and the financial incentives contemplated in the Municipal Development Plan of Solidarity 2018-2021 for the formalization and strengthening of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Said support has allowed the opening of establishments that cover the demand for this service. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), there are currently 51 businesses dedicated to different areas of the construction industry:

  • 27 are dedicated to building.
  • 4 are focused on the construction of civil engineering works.
  • 20 perform specialized construction work.

Businesses for local consumption

The conditions that Playa del Carmen offers to invest are not only favorable for the construction industry. Being a city with more than 220,000 inhabitants, microentrepreneurs also have a wide range of opportunities in business lines other than tourism.

Today, expanding SMEs have joined the wave of growth by identifying alternatives to allocate their investments in Playa del Carmen in products and services aimed at the local market.

Real estate companies – such as BMF Inversions – offer well-located properties near residential areas to acquire lots of land for commercial purposes, in which a place can be built to start a business.

As in any city, the commercial development of Playa del Carmen depends on what the market consumes, so its expansion responds to the needs of the population that increases year after year, due to the immigration of nationals and foreigners.

Based on these needs, today it is recommended that investments in Playa del Carmen are intended to meet the demands of the population by establishing businesses such as:

  • Grocery stores
  • Laundries
  • Coffee shops
  • Local restaurants
  • Pharmacy
  • Stationeries
  • Hardware stores

How to do real estate marketing: traditional and digital


Although the possibilities are wide, it is not enough to know which products or services are in greater demand, it is also essential to carry out a study to know how many businesses there are in the market with the same business line in which you plan to invest.

Registered businesses in Playa del Carmen
Economic activity Registered establishments
Grocery and food retail 1,226
Retail trade of textiles, costume jeweler, clothing accessories and footwear 518
Retail trade of pharmaceutical and naturopathic products 196
Retail trade of stationery, books, magazines and newspapers 97
Retail trade of hardware, hardware and glass 210
Food preparation services and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 1,422
Salons, beauty clinics and hairdressers 403
Laundries and dry cleaners 319

Due to its tourist importance, most of the businesses are located on Fifth Avenue and its surroundings, which translates into an opportunity to exploit the possibilities offered by the areas where most of the local population lives.

Currently, the north of Playa del Carmen has attracted the attention of investors, due to the potential market represented by the residents of the subdivisions that have been built in the area, and the motorists who circulate on the roads that surround it every day. These are two factors that guarantee a constant vehicular and pedestrian flow.

Land located in the downtown area or a few minutes from the beach are usually more expensive, however, acquiring a property that is not in this area does not imply less opportunity to make a profit.

It is even possible to earn money with the land without investing too much, so we have prepared an article where we talk more about this topic.

Tourism sector

Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, a popular world-class tourist destination, and a few kilometers from other important cities such as Cancun, Tulum and Mérida.

Its privileged location increases the possibilities of doing business in this city. The options to diversify are varied between the different sectors and industries that have solid foundations and stable economic growth.

The sale of land has seen its boom with the arrival of platforms such as Airbnb and Vrba that seek to build vacation homes for rent, and many individuals are doing this on their own.

With the arrival of millions of tourists, a year, it is necessary to satisfy the demand for accommodation, and expert investors have taken advantage of the opportunity by diversifying into various lots and properties for commercial premises and lodging.

Developments in Playa del Carmen

We currently have two important development projects in the city, for which market studies have been carried out that guarantee medium and long-term returns, and safe investment.

They are authorized for immediate construction and we have all the documentation that supports their legality, to provide our investors with the legal certainty they require when making an investment of this nature.

Bazar Park Playa del Carmen

Considering the importance of location and urbanization for the establishment of a business, at BMF Inversions we developed Parque Bazar Playa del Carmen, a set of commercial land that is located on the main avenue in an area surrounded by subdivisions and main roads:

  • 2 minutes from the road Arch of Playa del Carmen.
  • 5 minutes from the federal highway to Merida.
  • 10 minutes from the Cancun-Chetumal highway.

Gran Via Playa del Carmen

Gran Via —the best commercial project in Playa del Carmen— comprises 7 high-value commercial lots, large in size, and in an excellent location to take advantage of the city’s high tourist influx.

Among the amenities of Gran Via, the following stand out:

  • A few minutes from the beach.
  • Strategic location in a commercial area.
  • On the federal highway Playa del Carmen-Cancun.
  • Services and urbanization.

Diversifying in Playa del Carmen is the best business option

Without a doubt, Playa del Carmen is a city with a lot of potentials to be exploited, which makes it the ideal option to diversify your income or invest your retirement savings and safeguard a relaxed retirement without financial worries.

At BMF Inversions we care about developing projects that guarantee the return on investment of our clients. We have more than 25 years of real estate success in the best cities in the southeast of the country.