Land for vertical construction, know its advantages


The needs of both housing and suitable places to build a business have changed over time, and more developers decide to start a vertical construction model, which allows them to optimize the available space that is increasingly scarce in cities.

This type of construction is more common in large cities such as Mexico City or Monterrey, however, in the rest of the country, there are more cities that opt ​​for this way of building homes and businesses.

Such is the case of the Mexican southeast —especially Yucatán and Quintana Roo— where you can not only see this type of building for hotel services but also for an apartment, corporate, office, plaza and department store towers, among others.

In this article, we will talk about vertical developments, their characteristics and advantages and why they are the best business option on land within the city.

What are vertical constructions?

The constructions or vertical developments are buildings built on several levels within a common land, these levels have privately owned and jointly owned units like Blue World City.

They can also be defined as properties that have several premises or houses and belong to one or more owners, said properties have the purpose of obtaining income by leasing the available spaces.

The rapid growth of cities has allowed the development of new proposals for spaces suitable for the land within the city, which provide the best security conditions and in order to meet the needs of companies or residents in the case of vertical housing.

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Differences between vertical and horizontal constructions

Now, why is it better to build vertical developments in certain areas instead of horizontal developments?

The answer is very simple, it is all about optimizing the available space and the type of project you want to carry out, as well as the demand.

Unlike vertical ones, horizontal developments are characterized by being distributed on terrain, that is, at the root of the ground. For this type of construction, more space is required, an example of this is the private residential ones, for which a large number of hectares of land is required at times.

Another difference is that in a horizontal development, each person owns a part of the land as well as the construction that is in it, and is responsible for its maintenance.

In the case of vertical constructions, the owner of the building can rent the offices or apartments of said property, without losing all of the property and the land, however, the maintenance is in charge of the owner, as well as the fiscal and administrative obligations.

Advantages of vertical developments

Although horizontal constructions are more common in the southeast, as we have mentioned, more cities are betting on this form of construction thanks to the great advantages that are obtained. Next, we will talk about the main ones:

1. Better quality of life

This type of construction considerably improves the quality of life, because thanks to its location, the conditions of the property and its easy access allow the cost of transport to be lower as it is located within the cities and surrounded by services without having to go far away.

Especially since it is a business, being able to build a corporate building or with commercial premises will offer greater possibilities of renting them faster, in addition to obtaining a higher rental income as the capital gain in the area is higher.

2. Sustainable construction

Given the growth of urban centers, it is necessary to find sustainable solutions that help to improve the serious impact that climate change is generating.

These real estate solutions have focused on vertical or horizontal construction, which has benefited millions of people, providing adequate spaces, with less environmental impact and savings in transportation costs, among other benefits.

Vertical homes, as well as business centers and offices, occupy less space, with this we seek to reduce the damage to the environment since fewer green areas are eliminated or reduced to build.

3. Savings for residents or tenants

Undoubtedly, renting an apartment or office in a vertical development is more accessible than doing it in a horizontal development, as well as the maintenance expenses which are shared with the rest of the inhabitants or tenants.

Among these expenses can be found: water services, maintenance, surveillance, garbage collection, among others.

4. Security

In general, this type of construction has surveillance services for controlled access by employees or residents, to provide greater security and safeguard the property within the property.

5. Efficiency and ease of maintenance

This type of construction within cities improves urban flow, allows a greater number of companies and small businesses, as well as better use of water and energy by optimizing in a single location and less investment in labor for the provision of networks electric and drinkable.

What terrain to choose for a vertical development?

Unlike investment land located on the outskirts of the city – ideal for industry or residences – vertical developments work better within cities since they can exist on not very large areas of land if a good design management and planning.

Taking into account the growth of the population, and in order to satisfy the real estate demand, it is estimated that by the year 2050 the population could reach 9 billion people, so it is natural that this construction model is made every more relevant time.

Even cities like Mérida —capital Yucatecan— have started with this type of constriction, taking as an example The Sky, Orion Business Hub, Torre Xan, among others.

Playa del Carmen is no exception since for several years the vertical modality has been applied to housing and corporate developments.

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Now, how to choose the ideal terrain for your vertical development? You must take into account the following recommendations:

1. Location

As we always mentioned, location is key to the success of a real estate investment so that it provides the expected return on investment.

As it is vertical construction, betting on an area where it is in its infancy is a wise decision, since the opportunity to get land at a good price and well located is greater.

2. Accessibility

The fact that it is located in an easily accessible area is one of the points that improve the possibility of leasing or selling —if it is purchased for these purposes—, or in the case of starting or expanding a business, that staff and clients can reach without difficulties.

It is also important that it is close to strategic points that depend on the needs of our company, for example, near our suppliers or basic services such as hospitals.

3. Amenities

Having amenities at the time of purchase facilitates the construction processes, avoids cumbersome procedures and saves time.

In this way, it is not necessary to wait for the city council to carry out the urbanization work on the land, which has several benefits.

Among the main services that the land must have are:

  • Water service.
  • Electric power.
  • Sewer system.
  • Sewerage.
  • Paving.
  • Street lighting.

4. Type of land use

Are you planning to build an apartment tower or a building with corporate offices? Having this clear when buying land is of vital importance since the type of land use for each type of project is different according to its characteristics.

5. Goodwill

The capital gain of the property depends on the aforementioned factors, that is, the location, accessibility, amenities, among others. Therefore, you must choose carefully before making the purchase.

A high capital gain allows you to achieve higher profitability and a substantial profit margin that you can allocate to other real estate investments, since diversifying your investments is one of the tips to be a great investor.

Benefits of investing inland in the southeast

Investing in land is one of the safest options that protect your money from inflation and what better way to do it than in an area with high potential for real estate growth such as the Mexican southeast.

The states of Yucatán and Quintana Roo offer a wide variety of investment options from investment lots for retirement, to land for your industry.

Merida, Cancun and Playa del Carmen top the list of best cities to acquire land, with higher rates of return on investment.

Among the main benefits of acquiring land in these cities are:

  • The price: The square meter of land is cheaper in this area unlike the north and center of the country, which allows investing part of the capital in hiring personnel, construction, raw materials, among others.
  • Skilled labor: The government of these states have invested in improving academic training rates, training professionals in various areas to meet the needs of companies and industries for trained personnel.
  • Security: Southeastern Mexico has the highest security index in the country, especially in areas surrounding Yucatan.
  • Real estate offer: It is still possible to acquire land at a good price and in strategic locations within cities or on the outskirts with roads enabled for quick and easy access.
  • Infrastructure: The government has invested millions of dollars in the improvement of road infrastructure, paving, improvement and urbanization of the areas that require it.

Know Triangle

Triangulum is a development located in the best area of ​​Playa del Carmen, ideal for a vertical development because it is in a multipurpose area and close to many shops, companies and places of interest.

For example, it is located next to Begenas and the Taxi Drivers Union, which make this lot the ideal place to establish an office headquarters. Its quick access on the Cancun-Tulum federal highway is another point in its favor.

Here are some benefits of this commercial area:

  • Strategic location in an area of ​​high tourist influx.
  • Just a few minutes from the beach.
  • Close to the golf courses.
  • Area of ​​11,019 m².
  • In the Diamond area of ​​Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen, the best option for vertical construction

Without a doubt, the best business options are found in the Mexican southeast when we talk about the real estate sector. Cities such as Mérida, Cancun and — above all — Playa del Carmen have topped the list of favorite destinations for real estate investment.

At BMF Inversions we are focused on the development of high-quality real estate projects in the best areas of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. We carry out market studies that guarantee the investment potential of each lot, to guarantee a safe and profitable investment.