How to Create a Nutrition Stream: 8 Killer Tips + Tutorial on RD Station Marketing


A well-crafted nutrition flow can generate incredible results for your marketing strategy. Check out tips and walkthroughs for creating nutrition streams in RD Station Marketing

Many people, when deciding to invest in Inbound Marketing, focus mainly on capturing Leads. However, having an extensive contact list does not guarantee conversion or purchase closing.

Creating a content-rich, well-directed, you can qua lifecare their Leads, ie prepare them to become buyers. During the stages of the buying journey, your intention is for the Lead to become familiar with your brand, create respect for it, understand that your brand has great potential to help you and, therefore, the chances of the Target and hit sales are much higher.

Result? Lower costs for the sales team, improved perception of your brand, increased sales and understanding of the needs and profile of your buyers.

When it comes to marketing, there are simple but impactful strategies that help put into practice what has been discussed so far.

Who has e-mail, has everything. Therefore, it’s up to your company to ensure that these potential customers who were interested in what you had to say continue to develop within your sales funnel until they become potential buyers, making them know, develop trust and consider closing deals.

Tips on how to create a good Leads nutrition flow

A well-crafted nutrition flow can ensure that even those most incomplete Leads, who only shared an email with you, start receiving all the information they need to develop within your sales funnel.

Ready to learn how to create a nutrition flow? Check out the tips:

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1. Segment

Speaking to a broad target audience can be difficult when targeting content and thinking of a language. Better than that is talking directly to Dr. Carlos, businesswoman Larissa or recently graduated Marcelo.

Confused? These are the buyer pers ones, created upon demographic research that will define, for example, if they are married, have children, what your income, where they live, what your goals, what your weaknesses, what they seek and how your company can solve your problems. The more specific and correct your personal profile is, the better you’ll know how to reach it.

Seeing your target audience more clearly?

With your personas drawn, answer the following questions:

  • What social networks and media should I be on to reach my personas?
  • What is the best language to use?
  • What are the keywords related to my company that stand out among this group?
  • What themes are most relevant to my audience?
  • Images, infographics, short texts or long texts? Which format to use?
  • What is the best frequency to submit content and keep my audience engaged?

2. Define a path

Nutrition flow can have excellent results, but it must be applied with planning. It’s no use being in a hurry, wanting to speed up the process of closing purchases and triggering several emails in a short period of time.

Knowing the best time to approach a particular subject, within a context, is crucial to the success of your nutrition flow.

The ultimate goal of the nutrition flow can be closing the purchase, publicizing an event or offer. However, the path that each persona must take there must be done based on adequate planning, determining the interval between the stages of the purchase journey and the number of emails that will be triggered in each one of them:

3. Categorize Leads

By asking the right questions in the Landing Page, which is the page where visitors are converted into Leads, you will meet and sort your Leads. Knowing them in depth also helps to create more specific and relevant content for them. If, for example, most of the people who downloaded your eBook are CEOs of small businesses, you can create content aimed at that audience.

But even if your Lead is an intern and there is no possibility to close a purchase, providing quality content can help improve the perception that people have about your brand.

It is also through these answers that you will be able to define the probability of a Lead becoming a customer and how the sales team will relate to them.

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4. Be personal

As much as emails are automated, the content should not look like it was written by a robot. Calling the person by their name, writing directly to their persona and having a lighter language, are some tips that make your Leads more receptive to your Email Marketing campaigns.

Using your own work email such as “” to send and not something institutional such as “” also helps to convey a more informal and personal message.

But beware: many people don’t know that emails are automated or see them as an opportunity to ask questions and start a conversation. That’s great, but don’t forget to take the time to respond to every interaction you make.

5. Gain confidence

Your Leads should see you as someone who knows what you’re talking about and has authority on the subject. You have to demonstrate security, in-depth knowledge and deliver results through the uploaded content.

6. Create supporting content

Before starting a nutrition flow, it is essential that you create webinars, eBooks, videos, cases and have a website with rich content and accessible information.

Think about it: you’ve piqued your Lead’s curiosity and he’s now hungry for new information and deeper content. One of the sources of searches could be your website and it should be ready to receive them.

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7. Empathize

Some Leads can be guided to the last step. It may happen that they do not complete the sale. Try not to get discouraged if Leads don’t convert and start seeing this as learning. Some might just be looking for information about services, and you’ve done a good job of piquing their curiosity until the end of the shopping journey.

For these cases, don’t lose sight of your Leads and always keep them close to you, sending any content. In the future, when they are ready to close the purchase, they will know who to look for.

8. Learn from the results

Regardless of whether your campaign goes right or wrong, you must clearly assess the strengths and weaknesses of each step of the buying journey, lead capture and everything involved in the nutrition flow process.

Even if the results are better than expected, do not be satisfied and avoid always betting on the same “success formula”. If you got lucky today, there is no guarantee that you will be successful tomorrow.

Pay attention, monitor the results of your campaign and be open to learning and changes.

Now, let’s show you how to develop these Leads within your sales funnel with a nutrition flow. For this, we will use RD Station Marketing as a reference. Order now, without obligation, a 10-day free trial period and follow the step by step presented here in practice!

How to build a nutrition flow in RD Station Marketing

Before you start developing your Leads with a nutrition flow, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of your buying journey. It is she who will guide you through the construction of the emails that will be part of your flow.

Below, Blue World City will show you the step-by-step way to create a flow within RD Station Marketing.


Before starting to build your automation flow, it is important that you have already structured some processes within the tool.

  1. Have separate the Leads base that you will cover in your automation flow.  If you have used a landing page, pop-up, form, segmentation or integration created by RD Station Marketing, you can choose them as your starting point in setting up the nutrition flow;
  2. Draw your nutrition flow before putting it into practice on the tool.  As you build your nutrition flow, you may notice some nonconformities along the way and want to make adjustments. It can happen, for example, that you want to change some programming date or delete triggers and actions. If these adjustments are not made carefully, your flow can be compromised. Therefore, we suggest that, before you get down to business, you design your strategy. There are very good tools like Mindmeister or
  3. Create the  Conversion, Landing Page.  If your goal is to get more information about your Lead, such as phone data or take it to other material, ideally you have your landing page ready to be linked in the emails that will be created next.
  4. Write all emails that will be used in your flow.  Define what your goal is with this nutrition flow and think of all the emails needed for your Lead to reach the goal.

Creating the nutrition flow

After all the steps above are done, it’s time to start assembling your nutrition flow in the tool.

  • On the top menu, click on “Relatar”, then on “Marketing Automation” and then on the “Create Flow” button, available in the upper right corner. In RD Station Marketing you will work with management flows. We only offer this option, as it ensures greater control of your Lead’s journey. In a stream in RD Station Marketing, you can choose when the user will exit your stream or if they will be routed to another nutrition stream;
  • Name your stream and define an input condition in the tool. It can be either one of the Leads segmentations you created earlier or any of the conversions made from the resources provided by RD Station Marketing, such as pop-up, Landing Page, forms and the like. You can also combine these conditions if you prefer.
  • Select the actions that will be used in building your nutrition flow. If you already have the design of how this flow will be done, just drag the buttons to assemble it. Remember when you played Lego? This is the time to kill the longing.

You have two new tool options: add Lead to another flow or remove Lead from another flow. For more details on how to cross your stream with others

  • Finally, configure your nutrition flow settings. Choose whether the actions happen on weekends and whether your lead can re-enter this flow if it meets the entry condition again. Inflow type and level, the option will always be marked as “Parallel Flow”;
  • Now just click save and activate for your flow to start working. If this is your first time, take a test and register your personal email in the condition of entry to this flow and follow the journey to the end. If your flow has widely spaced trigger dates, create a copy with smaller spacing between submissions to perform the test.