Email Marketing on commemorative dates: how to explore the most important dates of the year and generate more results for your company

Email Marketing

Get to know some of the main commemorative dates in the market and find out how to use them to sell more

Email Marketing on commemorative dates, the main ones are:
01/30 – Saudade Day
03/08 – International Women’s Day
2nd Sunday in May, Mother’s Day
06/12 – Valentine’s Day
2nd Sunday in August, Father’s Day
15 /09 – Customer Day
Last Friday of November, Black Friday
12/25 – Christmas

01/30 – Day of Missing

You can send the email whose subject line is, for example, “We are Missing you” or “Our Cart misses you”, in the case of an eCommerce.

The content of the email must remember the special date and take the opportunity to invite your contacts to download some material or motivate them to take advantage of an offer.

Get creative like Blue World City!

02/14 – Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day

This day, also known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated in many countries around the world as Valentine’s Day. In Brazil, Friendship Day is celebrated (and later, in July, Friend’s Day).

Regardless of the type of relationship you want to celebrate, it’s a good cue for an email like “Today is the day to get close to those you love” and let the creativity roll!

It’s also a good opportunity for “Refer a Friend” campaigns: Refer RD Station Marketing and win a Digital Marketing course!

02/23 – Seduction Day

Here you can select enticing offers or content to forward via email.

Examples of titles to inspire your campaign: “X tips to seduce your customers”, “X offers to seduce your love”, under the argument that “Today is seduction day and I have separated these articles that will help you seduce your customers… ”.

Beware of the term “irresistible”. People are kind of tired of receiving irresistible offers that they are able to resist without the slightest effort. Don’t fall for the seduction cliché!

Read our article on How to Create Email Marketing Subjects That Awake Curiosity.

08/03 – International Women’s Day

International Women ‘s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 and, contrary to what many still think to demonstrate, this is not a date to congratulate a social group to be or identify as a woman. It is a date for reflection on the situation of women in society.

Although in most Western countries it is increasingly common for women to assume leadership positions, for example, there are still a number of challenges to be overcome.

So, instead of email campaigns full of images of flowers and empty of meaning, try to bring themes and offers that are really relevant to the date.

This year, Saraiva offered registered women a 50% discount on books and stationery items.

Several other companies have launched similar campaigns. But you don’t need to have a commercial offer to participate in the date: offer content. Content, whether simple (blog posts, short videos) or rich materials (eBooks, infographics, spreadsheets, videos delving deeper into specific topics) are an excellent way to give your audience a gift.

10/03 – Telephone Day

“Call me, send me a telegram, a love letter…”.

By being creative – and perhaps less corny – on a day like this it is possible to encourage Leads to raise their hands like “I want to talk to a consultant”.

To do so, you only need to have an email available briefly reminding you what date this is and taking the opportunity to make your specialists available, in case the person wants to receive a contact from your company to better understand a certain subject or product.

“We know that calling is a bit old-fashioned, so, if you prefer, contact us via WhatsApp or through our chat”.

03/15 – World Consumer Rights Day

This date is mainly relevant for the B2C market and can be used to offer discounts and special offers.

At B2B, there is a similar celebration on 15/09 (on Customer’s Day) and, sometimes, your campaign can be anticipated, postponed or extended, depending on the day of the week.

20/03 – International Day of Happiness

You can create a campaign that asks “What is happiness for you? For us it’s about sharing knowledge. So, we created this eBook …” (or other rich material that you want to share with Leads or simply a blog post)”, inviting your contacts to share happy moments with some specific hashtag.

It’s also a good day to announce an offer. Today is International Happiness Day and I am happy to share with you the following offers or Happiness is not a buy, but this offer will leave you smiling.

2nd Sunday in May, Mother’s Day

Over the past five years, e-commerce sales have practically doubled during Mother’s Day.

Ebit, a company with electronic commerce information, a pioneer in conducting research on e-commerce habits and trends in Brazil, points out that the five most desired products at that time are smartphones, wines, perfumes and televisions.

If you do not have your contact base segmented to the point where you know which Leads are or have mothers, and in order to avoid falling into the cliché that could harm your domain, an alternative is to expand your horizons and invite your Leads to discover the products on offer for Mother’s Day, without being too specific.

“See the offers we’ve booked for Mother’s Day”. If you still have the opportunity to live with yours, show your affection with one of these offers. Otherwise, use the date to present another great important woman in your life, or even give yourself a gift! The important thing is not to miss these discounts. 😉

12/06 – Valentine’s Day

If your industry is eCommerce, this is a date you probably won’t miss.

But, to take advantage of it effectively, it is necessary to know your Leads base, understand their interests and communicate through these desires.

This does not mean that you need to know if your Leads date or not and whether they date men or women. There are subtle ways to approach the topic without having to be too specific.

“There’s still time to please those you love. Free shipping (or with discount) and delivery in (x) days”, “Alone or accompanied, enjoy travelling” or even “Single, yes, never alone… take advantage of the discounts to give yourself a gift!”.

Musical appeals also tend to attract audience attention. If your company sells insurance, for example, or a product that guarantees body care, “Take good care of your love, whoever you are” can generate curiosity, in addition to embracing diversity.

2nd Sunday in August, Father’s Day

Father’s Day is among the most important commemorative dates for Brazilian e-commerce, being surpassed only by occasions such as Christmas and Black Friday.

But to get your audience’s attention amidst so many email blasts common to date, you’ll need to have some creativity.

Remember that not everyone has a father present, and assuming they do can lead to unsubscribed.

Instead, how about inviting your Leads to present the father, grandfather or guy who is most important to them?

09/15 – Customer Day

Similar to Consumer Day, Customer Day tends to have more appeal with B2B, as mentioned above, and it is worth reminding customers about the date.

Even companies that do not have the profile of those that offer big discounts, it is possible to offer other gifts: how about educational material that generates real value, such as a spreadsheet or other tool that speeds up the daily routine?

Last Friday of November: it’s her, Black Friday!

Almost 90% of companies invest in Email Marketing actions at this time of year.

So, as notorious as the date is, it couldn’t be left out of that list.

Not only because of the 10% that still need to be encouraged but because there are always important points to be reinforced so that campaigns are successful and your emails reach success rates.

What many companies still ignore is that it is not enough to bring the billboard from the streets into the email and fire it to their contact base. This, incidentally, is not recommended.

Above all, you need to engage the Leads, prepare them for what you’re planning to launch that day, invite them to take part via pop-ups or sign -up Landing Pages for first-hand offers, and finally let them know that the timer has been activated and there is little time to take advantage of the offers you have set aside for Black Friday.

Important: always be careful not to generate false expectations, which could damage your reputation on social networks and, consequently, affect your sales in the future.

12/25 – So, it’s Christmas… and what did you do?

We have reached the time of year when everyone is more receptive to exclusive promotions and discount campaigns. This is also a champion period for spam, blacklisting and unsubscribes. That’s because people are bothered to receive floods of advertising emails, with poorly targeted offers or content that is not relevant to them.

In this sense, Content Marketing continues to be a great ally to avoid situations that could harm its domain.

Instead of sending only promotional emails, alternate them with emails with simple content (tips to enjoy the holidays, if the segment is tourism, for example) or more in-depth materials such as eBooks, webinars, spreadsheets, quiz, infographics and other simple tools and useful that your Leads will feel gifted with.

As for the offers, in the post 10 examples of Christmas Email Marketing campaigns, we share some ideas for you to get inspired.

Professionals Days

In addition to the dates mentioned above, it is important to pay attention, of course, to the celebrations linked to the area of ​​activity of your Leads and clients: Beautician’s Day, Hairdresser’s Day, Advertiser’s Day, Tax Agent’s Day, Journalist’s Day, etc. There are a variety of professionals who can be among your business opportunities.

That’s why it’s important to ask questions to Leads through Landing Pages and pop-ups, which allow them to be segmented in different ways. It is also recommended to launch educational materials that motivate visitors to enter their data.

Knowing the Leads, in addition to your name and email, helps to improve the experience of people in your contact base with your brand and your products.

Commemorative dates linked to social movements

Sharing company values ​​add value to any business. If your company is interested in showing support for the social struggles that culminated in important commemorative dates, Email Marketing is also a good way to present these concerns to your Leads and clients.

You can position yourself through text, video and image content involving the employees themselves in:

  • International Day Against Racial Discrimination (3/21);
  • National Gay Pride Day (3/25);
  • Indian Day (04/19);
  • International Day Against Homophobia (05/17);
  • International LGBT Pride Day (06/28).
  • National Day of the Elderly (27/09);
  • International Day of Non-Violence (10/02);
  • Among other relevant dates.

Other important tips

  • Also, access the post “ How to do Email Marketing in 8 steps ” and check out essential tips to have a successful email campaign;
  • When creating a Landing Page, remember to include the “Birthday Month” field: this way, you can offer special benefits on your Leads’ birthday month;
  • Take advantage of dates to actually offer something relevant to your contact base. If there is no content or offer to share and you still want to mark the date, look for a more creative approach, using gifs, emojis, video…
  • Remember to do an A/B test on the subject of emails to see what causes the most opening clicks and to analyze your Email Marketing campaign metrics to keep moving forward in your communication with Leads and customers.
  • A good email campaign depends, above all, on good targeting by interest groups, especially when it comes to eCommerce. About this, learn more in the article Email Marketing for eCommerce: how customer data and habits can help with segmentation and generate sales, with specific tips for the segment.
  • Avoid emails with more images than text or with large images. Most services block emails that have only one image by default. One way to get to the priority inbox of your Leads is to insert the message “To always receive our emails in your inbox and with images enabled, add our email to your contacts”.